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Minions at Work, by J. Steven York

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Latest book releases:

MechWarrior Dark Age #20
Trial by Chaos
by J. Steven York
Now available!

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An ALIAS APO novel, created by J. J. Abrams
Strategic Reserve
by Christina F. York

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Age of Conan
The Anok, Heretic of Stygia Trilogy
by J. Steven York
Book 1: Scion of the Serpent
Book 2: Heretic of Set
Book 3: Venom of Luxur
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Dream House
(Trade paperback edition)
by Christina F. York
"(a) gentle second-chance-at-love"
- Booklist

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Nominated for the International Association of Tie-In Writers Scribe Award for best Young Adult tie-in of the year! ==>

An ALIAS APO novel, created by J. J. Abrams
A Touch of Death
by Christina F. York

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About Chris and Steve

Chris and Steve York are both a couple of authors, and an author couple. They've published novel-length and short fiction seperately and together in many genres, including science fiction, fantasy, suspense, romance, and romantic suspense. In addition to their own work, they've produced licensed works for properties such as ALIAS, Star Trek, MechWarrior Dark Age, Conan, Marvel's X-Men, and others.

They live on the Oregon coast with their cats, Sydney and the Mighty Oz.

For the latest news on their current and upcoming publications, anthology publications, personal appearances, and other news, please visit their respective blogs through the links below.

Multiplex of the Mind

Going Coastal

Minions at Work, by J. Steven York

Check out Steve's weekly webcomic. Spread the link, and visit every Monday for a new Minions panel.


J. Steven York at Star Trek, official publisher's site

You can order by phone, signed copies of any of Chris and Steve's in-print books (they may be able to track down out-of-print books as well, if you ask) through a local (to us) bookstore, The Book End, in Lincoln City, Oregon. This store usually has signed copies of our current books in stock and pre-signed. They can order anything they don't have in stock, and we'll gladly sign it next time we're in the store (usually once or twice a week). Books can also be personalized on request. Contact them at:

(541) 994-9393

10-8 PST Monday-Saturday, 10-6 PST Sunday (Disclaimer: We have no financial interest in this store, nor do we make anything off these sales other than the same royalties we'd make no matter where you buy. We pass along this information as a service to our fans.)

"Herbie, the New Love Bug."

Herbie the New Love Bug

So many people ask us about our car, we've decided to add this section to our web page to answer common questions.

Herbie is a 2005 TDI (turbo-diesel) Volkswagen New Beetle. He was created and displayed to promote the 2005 Disney movie, Herbie Fully Loaded. We bought him as-is new from the dealer. His striping was created by a man in Florida who owns one of original Herbies from the original 1968 movie The Love Bug, and while it has been adapted to the New Beetle Shape, is otherwise exact in every detail to the original car (more exact that some of the later movie Herbies, in fact!). Herbie gets well over 40 MPG on the highway, and would cruise comfortably at over 100 mph if we'd let him. (We don't!)

Herbie gets attention everywhere he goes, drawing smiles, waves, and comments from young and old alike. Chris likens it to being in a parade with only one car it it. We often walk out to a parking lot to find people taking Herbie's picture, and we suspect there are hundreds of photographs of him out there. If you've taken Herbie's picture (especially if you're in it), why not EMAIL it to us so we can share it on our blogs?

Herbie is proud to participate in the annual North Lincoln County Fireman's Toy Drive, delivering toys to childen in need. He encourages you to give generously to a holiday toy drive in your own area.